Young researchers and students offer new impulses and ideas for improved safety in Austria. Selected papers are now available in this section.


Bicycle traffic support with the instrument of bycicle lane in Austria

A dissertation with the title „Bicycle traffic support with the instrument of bycicle lane in Austria“ moves bycicle lanes as a relatively new form of the bicycle transport infrastructure in the focus. According to the model of other European states as for example Germany 2013 bycicle lane was taken up as own form of the traffic organisation with some specific traffic rules in the Austrian road traffic regulations. In the present work Stefan Eder has examined magnitude bicycle streets as elements of a bicycle traffic network as well as as an instrument for the support of the bicycle traffic.

Thesis Paper in PDF


Traffic Planning with and for Children

The continual rise in private motor vehicle (PMVs) traffic volumes makes road use increasingly dangerous for children. On the one hand, safe road use requires physical and mental abilities that are not yet fully developed in children - such as auditory and visual perpeption, risk awareness or powers of concentration. On the other hand, the places where children live and spend their time are being dissected by barriers like busy roads. This restricts children's options to be independently mobile and reduces their active use of the roads.

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Cellphone and Smartphone in Road Traffic

It is now virtually impossible to imagine a world without smartphones.
Smartphones, like the conventional mobile phones that preceded them, facilitate
communication, but at the same time also open up a broad spectrum
of new possible uses. This inevitably also creates new sources of distraction
and increases the risk of road accidents. Indeed, distraction is now one of the
most common causes of road accidents. This paper examines the relevance
of distraction through mobile and smartphone use on the roads and the extent
to which this applies to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

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