2000 – present

In 2002 the federal government launched the “Road Safety Campaign 2000-2010”. Thanks to this campaign and various programs initiated by the KFV, the number of fatal accidents dropped by 50 percent during that time. The subsequent road safety campaign “2011-2020,” with the help of the KFV, aims to further reduce that number.


1980 – 2000

With its campaign “Minus Ten Percent,” the KFV has launched its biggest nationwide road safety campaign so far. The KFV is assisted by “Helmi,” its safety expert, who provides small children and teenagers with numerous tips on how to behave in traffic. In 1986 the KFV presented the federal government with its “10-point action plan” for reducing the number of accidents. Thanks to its many years of expertise, the KFV has gained a reputation for road safety and accident prevention far beyond the national border. With the establishment of the KFV Sicherheits-Service GmbH in 1992, numerous services in the field of transportation and other areas of life are offered to help promote the safety and well-being of the Austrian people.


1960 – 1980

With the growing motorisation of society, the number of accidents increased drastically. The KFV played a pioneering role in transportation and automotive engineering, traffic-psychology and road-safety education. By recording and analysing accidents, the KFV quickly positioned itself as an expert in the field of accident prevention.



The KFV was founded on April 24th, 1959 as an independent non-profit association. Its first campaign, the “Austrian Road Safety Day,” was launched on May 22nd, 1959.