KFV - Sicher Leben #7: Der Einfluss von Ablenkung auf das Fahrverhalten

Die neue KFV Publikation "The impact of distraction on driving behaviour in urban traffic" aus der KFV Schriftenreihe "KFV -Sicher Leben" behandelt die Auswirkungen von Ablenkung auf das Fahrverhalten in Österreich.

Distraction in traffic is a growing problem. In Austria, distraction, together with inattention, is responsiblefor one third of all injury accidents. On an international level, it is estimated that distraction contributes to 5% to 25% of all traffic accidents. For this reason, the Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV) has dealt extensively with the topic of distraction while driving. Surveys, expert assessments and Naturalistic Driving Observations have been used to identify the main sources of distraction (in terms of frequency, duration, use of cognitive, visual, auditive and manual resources) for Austrian car drivers. These were identified as: (1) phoning, (2) texting, and (3) eating and drinking.