A Brief Description of KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board)

The KFV (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit) - Austrian Road Safety Board -is a private non-profit association which has been providing safety services and research since 1959. Its fields of activity are:

  • Transport & Mobility
  • Home, Leisure & Sports
  • Property & Fire

The company KFV Sicherheit-Service GmbH (ARSB Safety Service, Ltd.) is a 100-percent subsidiary of KfV which offers an extensive set of safety services to private and public customers.

KFV and KFV Sicherheit-Service GmbH promote issues and offer their services in all regions of Austria.

All departments and teams of KFV are interdisciplinary, consisting of e.g. solicitors, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, statisticians and technicians, and they work together on the full spectrum of issues and within all fields of expertise. Our activities involve innovative approaches to research and implementation of safety recommendations. We are all working toward a single goal: more safety for people in Austria.

KFV is politically independent. However, we do have close contacts with many ministries where our research results and advice help create a basis for decisions by policy-makers.

Our employees are constantly exchanging information and experiences with their colleagues in Austria and abroad, laying the foundation for efficient realisation of projects. We are an internationally respected partner and our extremely innovative projects serve as examples for other nations.

We strive to expand our research work and to continue developing high quality safety measures with balanced costs and benefits in order to be one of the leading organisations in the European Union (EU).

Our main departments „Research and Knowledge management”, „Law and Standards” „Consultancy of Prevention” and our provincial offices occupy themselves in the fields „Transport and Mobility“, „Home, Leisure & Sports” and „Property & Fire”.

Property & Fire

Safety Doors in Austrian Homes

Not every door that is equipped with additional safety measures can be called a „safety door“.

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Transport & Mobility

Road Traffic Accidents in Austria

After an overview of the main figures, chapters are dealing with the location of accidents, the vehicles that are involved in these accidents and the involved persons.

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Home, Leisure & Sports

Focal Point for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

The ARSB has been designated as the Austrian "Focal Point for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion".

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